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FLW Dana House

Built in multiple profiles of metal (came). and subtle, but rich opalescent glass. Hand blown clear glass, by the german manufacturer Glasshute' Lamberts is used in the clear areas, and working its own magic with light because of seed variations, and striations

This is "Cottage Scene with Crests", a leaded panel incorporating hand hammered bronze with sterling silver overlays, and a moonstone cabachon in the center.

Greene and Green captured the mystery of California, and introduced the flavor through leaded glass.

Green Man Clock

Charles Rennie Mackintosh's design sensitivity also drew heavily from nature, with ​flowing elements. C

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George Maher was a contemporary of Frank Lloyd Wrights, and is included as an important Architect and Designer in the Prairie genre. His elements have a softer feel than Wrights, but the formality is equally as strong.

Warmth and Elegance

Excellence can be accomplished when there is harmony between Architect, Builder, and Artist (and let's not forget the Homeowner).

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Less is truly More

When transmitted and reflective light embrace the glass it comes to life.  

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Earthscape II

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