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Ceiling in an elegent Bloomfield Hills library

Measuring over 70 square feet with 6 lighting zones on dimmer switches, this piece achieves it's warmth through the use of opalescent glass, faceted jewels, and cast luster tiles.

Three Custom Curved Panels 

These curved panels were built on  convex, and concave forms provided by an elite builder for this Bloomfield Hills winding Staircase. They incorporate hand-hammered bronze in a central crest are, with a bezel set moonstone for an added touch of refinement. 

Vintage Turkish Floor Lamp

A select group of antique decorative art items are available at my gallery in Pontiac.

Detail from Custom Door Insert

No expense is spared to furnish the client with the design and optics they desire. The hand blown rondels used through out this fine home cause the light to reflect and transmit differently each time the light occurs. 

Classic Kitchen Cabinets

The design of leaded glass inserts don't need to be complicated, when the sheet glass used is seeded hand-blown from Germany. 

Highly Refined

Lighting, seating, woodwork, glass, and art. When combined in a strategic manner the outcome is always excellent!

Doors and Sidelights

Arched doors and sidelights create an old world effect.

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